At SPC Mechanical, we pride ourselves in hiring great employees who have a passion for what they do! We are currently looking to fill the following job openings:

Listed below are some careers we are looking to hire for:

Prefabrication of different types of mechanical systems is a primary focus at SPC Mechanical. The prefabrication process lends to efficiency, quality control, less site debris and a safer construction site. Each project is reviewed to determine the type and quantity of prefabrication work that best fits that project. Early planning that includes multiple project stakeholders leads to fewer conflicts on site and typical gains in construction schedule improvements.

With the increased awareness for energy efficiency and sustainability in construction, SPC Mechanical stands ready to work with Architects, Engineers and Owners at any phase of the design and construction process. Together we will help achieve the desired level of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Building designers and the more advanced contractors in the industry are increasingly utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) as part of the construction delivery process.

Preconstruction services are key to the success of any project. Early involvement allows the SPC Mechanical team time to evaluate project scope, costs and constructability issues. Addressing critical details during preconstruction results in fewer construction phase changes, shortened construction time and cost savings.

Design / Build
SPC Mechanical has been an active part in the design/build practice since its inception over 25 years ago. The design/build delivery process has become a widely accepted practice in construction and SPC Mechanical is proud to be at the forefront.

Value Engineering
Equipment, systems selection and construct-ability are major components in keeping a project within budget. Value engineering on fast-track projects is an integral part of the design process. SPC Mechanical draws on years of experience to let you know what works, and what your costs will be.

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