Commercial HVAC

For Raleigh, Wilmington & Greenville, NC

There are many different types of commercial HVAC systems, however the three main HVAC systems are single split systems, multi split systems and VRF or VRV systems. Single Split systems are common among smaller commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants, or small offices. They allow for heating and cooling for individual rooms which allows for back ups if one unit breaks down.

A multi split unit is similar but can connected up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit. They use inverter technology which allows the compressor to function at different speeds. A multi split can also cut down on energy costs as the sensors adjust to different temperatures throughout the day.

Lastly, a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) or a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) are used for larger buildings such as hotels or big offices. They use a heat pump or heat recovery system to regulate temperatures depending on the type of space. A heat pump is best used on areas with open floor plans. A heat recovery system is better utilized for buildings that contain an abundance of small spaces such as hotels or hospitals because they can simultaneously provide commercial heating and air conditioning.

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