Commercial Air Conditioner Repair vs. Replace? 3 Tips to Make Your Decision Easier

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Have you been wondering whether or not to replace your commercial air conditioner? Maybe a mechanical contractor or HVAC technician has suggested some repairs? Perhaps budgets and schedules have prevented you from making those repairs in the past. What now? The question remains: do you choose to repair your air conditioning now or make the larger investment to replace your air conditioning system?

How do you know when is the best time to replace or repair an air conditioner? It is hard to know exactly how much more life a repair will give your air conditioning system. However, here are 3 tips to make your decision easier.

1. Consider Replacing R22 Air Conditioner Now

If your air conditioner uses R22 refrigerant, or Freon, now may be the best time to replace the system. Because R22 refrigerant is becoming scarce, prices for repairs are rising rapidly. The cost of repairing a R22 based air conditioning system will only increase. Furthermore, as these systems are aging, more and more of them will need repair, making it less likely for you to get the repairs your business needs in the timeframe you need. If your business is dependent on air conditioning, this could mean a direct loss of revenue. Investing in a replacement now will save you time and money in the long run.

2. Know New Federal Tax Breaks and HVAC Laws

New commercial air conditioning systems come with as much as $5000 in federal tax breaks. (For North Carolina air conditioning residential rebates, visit here.) Also, new tax laws allow your business to deduct the entire cost of all heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment. Instead of depreciating your HVAC equipment over 39 years, you can deduct the costs in the purchase year.

3. Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

Choosing a trusted HVAC contractor that performs both repairs and replacements is a good starting point. Develop a long term relationship with your HVAC contractor and technicians. They will be able to get to know your business unique needs and concerns, and work with you to develop the best maintenance schedule to get the most out of your HVAC system. The right HVAC contractor will always be able to help make your decisions easier.

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