3 Easy Ways to Save Big on Energy and HVAC Costs in Commercial Facilities

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With as much as 50-60% of all energy costs can be attributed to your HVAC system in your commercial facilities, including healthcare and colleges. However, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 30% of that can actually be attributed to waste!

The number one, best thing you can do for your commercial facility is have professional HVAC preventative maintenance. We can’t stress this enough. A quality HVAC contractor, like SPC Mechanical, will make sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently, and provide seasoned advice on repairs, maintenance, and the cost-benefit of upgrades and other measures to reduce operational costs and increase profits. But how much can you really save?

Regular professional maintenance of HVAC equipment can reduce commercial HVAC maintenance costs by 40%.

One dirty coil can cost $600 more to operate in a season. One clogged filter can cost almost $500. Filters, evaporators, condenser coils, lines and drip pans, thermostats, and insulation to name a few – with the multitude of components in commercial HVAC systems, the costs can add up quickly, and often before facility managers receive any indication of any issues. Professional preventative maintenance is the number one best way to reduce energy costs by optimizing efficient HVAC systems.

Regularly changing HVAC filters can reduce wasted energy by 5-10%.

Changing HVAC filters is one small step with big effects. Your HVAC contractor can help you make the right decisions based on your goals and budget.

Upgrading HVAC equipment to improve efficiency with ENERGY STAR-certified products can reduce energy costs by up to 20%.

HVAC equipment will eventually age and need repairs, but a proper HVAC contractor with a solid customized preventative maintenance program can identify problems early on, and help you choose the right ENERGY STAR products to further reduce costs and optimize performance of your HVAC system.

 SPC Mechanical provides all levels of HVAC services ranging from engineering/design, to installation, to repair and maintenance. We would love to help you save money and energy!



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