What’s so important about HVAC in Healthcare?

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Healthcare facilities require reliable temperatures and humidity to ensure not just patient and personnel comfort. Medical settings have a variety of unique indoor environmental demands to support the optimal health and safety of occupants and equipment.

From patient and waiting rooms, to operating rooms, to intensive care units, to spaces for medical procedures, to research and laboratory rooms, even cafeterias, and computer and data storage areas, one can appreciate how each may require specific temperature, filtering and humidity levels.

Some examples include:

  • Highly humid environments are perfect areas for spreading infection.
  • Legionairres disease is well known to hit medical centers hard since it is spread through water and air-conditioning, and where people may have lowered immune response. Of course all airborne transmissions will also be dependent on the HVAC systems.
  • Certain laboratories will need sufficient airflow and pressurization to mitigate exposure of harmful chemicals.
  • Medical equipment like MRIs often operate best at certain temperatures
  • Many drugs and treatments require reliable refrigeration.

Poorly planned and maintained HVAC systems in hospitals, clinics or other medical facilities could seriously jeopardize patient health, data security, equipment efficiency, lab results, not to mention reputations and relationships. And with HVAC reportedly comprising as much as 50% of operational costs, all things concerning HVAC will affect a facility’s profits and long-term sustainability.

For these reasons, having trusted professional HVAC Contractor with medical-specific expertise is essential to the well being of all operations in the healthcare setting.

No matter what stage your organization is in, whether it is the design or building stage, to long standing institutions that are wishing to further minimize risk, save money, and ensure a well maintained, reliable HVAC system, finding a trusted professional HVAC Contractor with healthcare experience is a must.

HVAC contractors should also be well versed in the HVAC Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Clinics, as put out by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers), and any state or local codes and regulations.

At SPC Mechanical, we provide certified technicians, preventative maintenance, and professional designers and engineers who understand and work with the complex needs, timelines and budgets of your healthcare facility.

SPC Mechanical is proud to have worked on major healthcare facilities in North Carolina, such as the Vidant Cancer Center at the Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, and the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Emergency Department in Wilmington.

As a local family business, we are invested in you and your healthcare HVAC system, and the impact we can have together on our community. Please contact us at contact@spcmechanical.com!


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