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Since its creation, “Southern Piping Company,” has been a family owned and operated business. In 2015, on our fiftieth anniversary as “Southern Piping Company,” we decided to change our name to “SPC Mechanical”. It is important to maintain the legacy of our founder, Mr. Buren Williford, but it is also important to continue to update and grow our business. We have worked to grow ‘Southern Piping Company,” by expanding the variety of services we offer.

Though SPC Mechanical now offers a wide range of services to a wide variety of clients, when it opened in 1965, the company was only a small office with two employees – our founder, Buren Williford, and his wife, Peggy. Buren Williford became a licensed mechanical contractor in 1963, when there were only about 2,000 in the state of North Carolina. When he opened ‘Southern Piping Company,” in Wilson two years later, he did so with the help of a small business loan.

In the following ten years, the Willifords worked to grow their small company, which had gained a reputation with businesses throughout the area. During this time, ‘Southern Piping Company’ completed a variety of larger commercial projects. Notable projects completed during this time include the Jarvis Methodist Church in Greenville and the YMCA in Rocky Mount. Buren then moved ‘Southern Piping Company,’ into a 4,000 square foot building in Wilson – headquarters is still here today!

By the mid-1970s ‘Southern Piping Company’ had gained an excellent reputation for completing large commercial projects throughout the state on time and on budget. In 1976, North Carolina Governor James Holshouser hired ‘Southern Piping Company’ to complete a renovation of the historic Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh. Southern Piping Company is one of the only companies to have worked on this historic landmark, and Buren Williford oversaw the renovations himself.

Two years after this important project, in 1978, Buren Williford’s oldest son, Chris, joined Southern Piping Company. Both of his younger brothers, Mark and Tim, would be soon to follow – truly making SPC Mechanical a family operated business. Buren Williford retired in the early 2000s. Buren’s oldest son, Chris, is the current President of SPC Mechanical, and his brother Mark is the current Executive Vice President. Buren Williford was able to see the name change of ‘Southern Piping Company,’ to ‘SPC Mechanical,’ in 2015, though he passed away in early 2018. The Williford Family and SPC Mechanical are committed to continuing their patriarch’s business and legacy.

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