4 Questions to Help Choose a Commercial HVAC Contractor in North Carolina

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When it is time to find a professional mechanical and HVAC contractor, it may be difficult to find the right fit. A good HVAC contractor will be reliable, show up when they say they will, employ certified trained technicians, and meet all of your commercial HVAC design, maintenance and repair needs. SPC Mechanical has been operating since 1965. With offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilson, Wilmington and Winston-Salem North Carolina, we know what is needed when it comes to heating ventilation and cooling. Here are 4 basic questions to help you find the best commercial HVAC contractor in North Carolina.

How quickly can you respond to an HVAC emergency?

Depending on your business, every hour without heating or air condition can cost money in lost sales, lowered productivity, lost product, and even effect occupants health and safety. The number of trucks and technicians employed might be another indication of how quickly they can respond to an HVAC emergency.

How quickly can you order parts?

Some mechanical contractors have longer relationships with suppliers. Some companies will have their own inventory of parts for quicker access and less down time for your business.

What is included in the commercial HVAC preventative maintenance contract?

Not all commercial HVAC maintenance plans are the same. In fact, there is hardly a good one-size-fits-all maintenance plan. Look for a HVAC contractor that is able and willing to work with your business needs, budget and goals.

Have you worked with businesses like ours?

You want the peace of mind that your HVAC contractor understands your business needs. HVAC systems needed for a university will be different from a retail store, a hotel, an office building, or even the HVAC needs for a hospital or health care facility.

Heating and ventilation is important for any business, and even more for others. Choosing the best commercial HVAC contractor is essential to building and growing your business. SPC Mechanical is here to help.

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