3 Essential Reasons for Cleaning Your Commercial HVAC System

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Commercial HVAC systems are important to keeping indoor environments comfortable and healthy for building occupants. Whether your business is a hospital, university, office, or retail space, HVAC systems maintain indoor humidity and temperature that directly effect your place of business, customers and employees. Routine cleaning of your commercial HVAC system is important to maintaining the optimal performance for businesses. Routine HVAC cleaning helps improve productivity, saves money, and is an essential part of routine HVAC preventative maintenance.

1. Commercial HVAC Cleaning Improves Productivity

A dirty HVAC system can harm employees, students and customers. Musty smells, pollen, mold, mildew, dust and a host of other pollutants can create Sick Building Syndrome. Neglected HVAC systems can give people headaches, dizziness, tiredness coughs, stuffy noses, skin rashes, and worsen asthma. Building occupants can become sick, have more sick days, feel unwell and are generally less productive.

2. Commercial HVAC Cleaning Saves Money

Besides the costs of lost productivity hours due to indoor environments, dirty vents and ductwork cause resistance. HVAC components in turn work harder against that resistance to maintain the same air flow, driving up energy costs and equipment wear. HVAC systems already are a large percentage of facilities operational budgets. Routine cleaning will ensure optimal equipment efficiency, and managers’ ability to operate most economically.

3. Commercial HVAC Cleaning is Part of Routine Prevention Maintenance

Preventative maintenance includes inspection and cleaning of your commercial HVAC system. Routine maintenance prevents small problems from developing into larger ones. Experienced professional HVAC technicians are able to assess, anticipate and address any issues that might arise. As a result, your HVAC system needs less repair and operates longer.

SPC Mechanical is a family-run business who understands the need to improve productivity, save money, and establish routine prevention maintenance of HVAC Systems. We are a Mechanical contracting company with offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilson, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We are proud to offer certified HVAC technicians, preventative maintenance, and professional designers and engineers who work to understand and address your organization’s unique goals, timelines and budget.

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